A-Sides is a weekly podcast that touches on all genres of music through casual conversation, with special guests and celebrity interviews.

Frank Myers

August 3rd, 2020

On this episode Frank Myers talks with Brent about his new single "God's Got This," as well as a few of his past hits. 

Love Lives On

July 27th, 2020

On this episode Brent talks with 3 artists that were all featured on a compilation album called "Love Lives On." Andy Griggs, Angie K, and Deborah Allen share their experiences working on the album, and talk a little about how the album's proceeds all go to the TAPS organization. 

Episode 36 - Donnie Vie

July 19th, 2020

Multi-talented musician Donnie Vie joins Brent for a candid conversation on his recent single "All My Favorite Things" and his guest appearance on the latest Enuff Z'Nuff record. They also chat musical influences, the possibilities of performing live in 2020, and Donnie's 2019 album Beautiful Things. Special thanks to Donnie for joining the show this week. Stay up to date with Donnie online here or on his social media pages. You can find his new song "All My Favorite Things" on your favorite streaming service.

Episode 35 - David Hales (Sonic Fuel)

July 4th, 2020

David Hales of the newest rock band on the scene, Sonic Fuel, joins Brent for this episode. They discuss the formation of David's project, his musical inspirations, and shares a connection he has to a past guest of A-Sides. David and Brent also dive into concert experiences and share memories they have over this hour-long conversation. You can find Sonic Fuel online here and stream their debut single "I Will Rise" on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. Their debut record will be out this Fall. Thanks to David for guesting on this episode and thanks to all for listening.

Episode 34 - Kolt Barber

June 28th, 2020

Country singer/songwriter/performer Kolt Barber joins the show to discuss his upcoming Summer Tour, the American Cowboy Showdown. He also shares some of his influences and his background, and how its important to remain true to yourself in an ever-changing music industry. You can find out more about Kolt and his upcoming tour dates on his website. Thanks to Kolt for chatting with Brent and thanks to everyone for spinning this episode of A-Sides.

Episode 33 - Corey Rozzoni

June 25th, 2020

Corey "Rizzo" Rozzoni (Lights of Marfa) took some time to chat about recent music from Lights of Marfa and also shared many stories from the road. They dove into his background in the Midwest, influences from Alice in Chains to Def Leppard, and what is possibly the ultimate trolling tale in the pre-internet days. You can find Lights of Marfa's music and more on their website here, or find them on music streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. Big thanks to Rizzo for being a guest and thanks to you for listening to another episode of A-Sides!

Episode 32 - Michael Saint-Leon

June 22nd, 2020

On Episode 32, Andy chatted with the "master"-mind behind the albums of The Great Affairs, Michael Saint-Leon. He not only explains his unusual nickname (Street Lion) but also shares his background from listening to The Beatles, to joining a rock band, and then finally making the transition to recording and engineering. He owns and operates The Switchyard Studio in Tennessee, which you can find here, while he moonlights in his band, Thunder Bunny. Thanks to Michael for chatting and thanks to you for listening!

Episode 31 - Alex Dezen

June 18th, 2020

Alex Dezen (Broken Baby, The Damnwells) joins Brent for a chat all about Alex's many projects. They even get into Cheap Trick, Queen, Ryan Adams, and other musicians, which set Alex on his path to song-writing and performing. You can keep up with Alex and Broken Baby on their website, and check out Alex's newest compilation on Bandcamp, titled Compilation For Change. Thanks for listening!

Episode 30 - A Salute To Megadeth

June 15th, 2020

This episode has been brewing for some time, so what better way to celebrate the 30th episode than talking about Megadeth while drinking Megadeth-inspired brews. Brent and Andy share their favorite albums and songs from the band, while also discussing what didn't make the cut, Andy also questions if he's reached his peak, a new musical side project is formed, and how does Tiny Tim fit into all of this?! Podcasting is our business ...and business is good, so follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Thanks for listening to another round of A-Sides. Cheers to 30 more!

Episode 29 - Kenny Wright

June 7th, 2020

Andy goes rogue again, this time for a chat with Kenny Wright of The Great Affairs. In this hour-long conversation, we dive into his background as he transitioned from guitar to drums, his previous bands and musical influences, and Kenny explains how he acquired a couple unique items in his KISS collection. You can find Kenny's work with The Great Affairs on all music streaming services, on their Reverb page, or follow them on Facebook.

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