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Hosts Brent and Andy dive into frequent discussions on a wide range of musical topics, from record collecting to favorite albums, and bring guests on to further the discussion. New episodes drop every other Monday!


Andy and his guest Kenny Wright of The Great Affairs set the wayback machine to 1982. KISS' Creatures Of The Night was released in the Fall of '82 amongst a slew of heavy rock records, and we discuss the impact this had on Kenny at the time, as well as how the album still holds up decades later. We touch on Kenny's favorite tracks on Creatures, a few of the highlights from within the new box set, and even a few KISS-related releases from that era. Thank you for checking out this newest episode of A-SIDES.

You can also follow along with Kenny and The Great Affairs on their website or check put their new Holiday single on Youtube.

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Fire up Episode 107 of A-SIDES, as we hand-picked our favorite songs from Aerosmith's classic era, starting with their 1973 debut album through 1982's Rock In A Hard Place. Along the way we shared an honorable mention or two, discussed our entry points into the band, which albums we've bought (and re-bought!), if we saw them live, and even touched on the recent Midnights album from Taylor Swift; which brought Andy's fandom into question. Thanks for joining us for another spin on A-SIDES!

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November 7, 2022

Episode 106 - Sam Bam Koltun

Sam Bam Koltun (Dorothy, Faster Pussycat, Budderside) joins Andy for Episode 106 of A-SIDES! They discuss his roots in the Midwest and several bands that influenced him growing up, what it's like to sleep and eat on the road as a touring musician, the Jurassic Park movies, and more!

You can follow Sam as a patreon and gain behind-the-scenes access and other exclusives here.

You can also check out Sam with Budderside as the 'Scooby Gang' in their music video for "Ghostlighting."

Huge thanks to Sam for being a guest on A-SIDES and thanks to you for listening to our newest episode.

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Episode 105 features a dive into the horror-punk band, Misfits, as we countdown our top ten favorite songs. Not only do we share our favorites, but we also sample the latest Catfight Coffee flavor "Crimson Roast" (which is a nod to this episode's band), you'll learn our opinion on the manliness of "Man Caves", suggest songs for your next home improvement project, and Brent gets a little too fired up about people's questionable taste in music. So style your hair into Devil's Locks, fire up your coffee pot, and press play on this Halloween-themed episode of A-SIDES. Thanks for listening!


Catfight Coffee's excellent Crimson Roast coffee is available at their website along with a whole line of other favorite blends.

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October 18, 2022

Episode 104 - Journey

Steve Perry fronted Journey across multiple decades and released 8 studio albums during his tenure with the band. This newest episode of A-SIDES features returning guest Shane Tassart (of The Hot Summers) giving a singer's perspective on Journey, as well as sharing his discovery of their music, his connections with the band, taking care of your voice, and even shares his fandom of the Halloween film series.

You can follow Shane and The Hot Summers through their Facebook page here. Its always a pleasure hearing Shane's perspective on the music industry and we hope you enjoy Episode 104. Thanks for listening!

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Scream for me, A-SIDES!! Episode 103 is dedicated to the most metal vocal moments, as Brent and Andy select their favorite screams from singers such as "The Metal God" Rob Halford and Sebastian Bach. They also try out a beer from Surly Brewing Company in Minnesota, discuss the latest album from Ozzy Osbourne, vintage clothes shopping, and as much nonsense as they can fit into an hour podcast. Thanks for coming back for another round of A-SIDES!

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For Episode 102 of A-SIDES, this could be considered another "bucket list" guest for Andy, as he spoke with Torkjell Rod, also known as "Toschie", from the heavy metal band Audrey Horne. Toschie discusses the origins of the band, the creation of his lyrics and artwork, how he became a tattoo artist, and more! Huge thanks to Toschie for being a guest and thanks to everyone who listens.

You can find Audrey Horne's music on your favorite streaming platform or support the band by picking up an album through Napalm Records here.

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September 5, 2022

Episode 101 - Zak St. John

Drummer Zak St. John joins Andy for Episode 101 of A-SIDES. They not only discuss his roots in the Midwest but also how his passion for music started at a very early age. Over this hour-long conversation, he shares many past projects, and even a few projects on the horizon. While his resume is a mile long, he achieved that through hard work and dedication, and I felt his work ethic is very inspiring.

You can follow Zak at his website here to follow along with his many projects and catch him out on the road. Thank you Zak!

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For the 100th episode of A-SIDES, it seemed fitting to dive into Brent's favorite band, Motorhead! We toast to the late Lemmy Kilmister and "The Loudest Band In The World", by sharing our Motorhead origin stories, our favorite songs and lyrical moments, favorite albums, which song Brent wants played at his funeral, and even look back at a few highlights from the last 99 episodes.

To everyone who has listened to A-SIDES or has been a guest, thank you!

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Episode 99 is another deep dive into the discography of Prince, covering his studio albums from 1985's Around the World In A Day to 1994's Come. Not only do Brent and Andy share their favorite songs, but Brent reveals a musical anecdote from his past, we find out about a cruise ship obsessed with The Gold Experience, Gene Simmons vs Prince and their sexual conquests, along with the usual off-topic tangents. Thank you for pressing play on another episode of A-Sides!

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